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Unveiling Our Farm's Tale of Sustainability and Growth from Florida's Heartland.

Ease Land Organic Farm was established in 2015
Our Mission

Share good health


Ease Land Organic Farm strives to deliver the purest, best quality organic foods to the people next to us and to our community.  By creating a space where we can respect each other, respect nature, and respect the body - we can give the body nutrients that it needs, we can live happily and live well.


Inspired by the philosophy that food is medicine,
it all started on untouched land 


Ease Land Organic farm began with land untouched for 30 years, and we knew that this would be a good place to grow produce that can heal and nourish.

From then we worked to cultivate the land and continued to expand across the many acres of our farm, growing clean, organic produce that focuses on boosting the immune system.

At the farm we grow a variety of produce that is packed with nutrients, such as organic jujube that aid in relaxation and sleep, peaches, oranges, four varieties of persimmons rich in vitamins C and A and antioxidants, Korean golden sweet potatoes rich in beta carotene, Korean golden melons, shallots, spring onions, Napa cabbage, and ginger, as well as orange and black turmeric, that works as a medicine in itself.

As we grow we are so grateful for each passing day, and for these conditions, and for all of the support of the community.  We will strive to provide the best quality organic foods to promote your healthiest and happiest lifestyle.

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We're always looking for new opportunities to grow.

Let's connect.

1 (352)-354 -2626

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