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Our turmeric is grown without any synthetic pesticides, herbicides,

and is non GMO


Synthetic pesticides can be made from toxic chemicals that can harm your health. With our organic turmeric, you can be sure that you only get the benefits without having to worry about ingesting toxic chemicals.

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a golden spice obtained from the rhizome of the plant, curcuma longa. Used for thousands of years as a spice and healing herb, the active compound of turmeric yield numerous health benefits



The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin – which is a powerful and very potent anti-inflammatory agent.  The western diet is very high in things that cause inflammation, like alcohol, sugars, and processed foods. Doctors say that chronic inflammation is called the

‘silent killer' - eating turmeric will help you prevent inflammation and keep you healthier.

Joint health

When we have chronic inflammation in our bodies, our joints get swollen and we loose mobility and have pain, the active ingredient curcumin helps to reduce the swelling in our joints.

Cholesterol levels

Chronic stress, is also known as ‘oxidative stress,’ researches have found that oxidative stress makes our cholesterol go higher and because turmeric is anti-inflammatory it reduces chronic inflammation and reduces oxidative stress and therefore promotes healthy cholesterol levels.

Cardiovascular system

Helps to support our heart and blood. When the lining of our blood vessels aren’t working properly we can form blood clots and also have higher blood pressure. So curcumin or turmeric helps work on the lining of our blood vessels and therefore promoting an overall healthy heart function.

Indigestion, bloating

Turmeric can stimulate the gallbladder which produces bile and helps you break down food and therefore aids in better digestion.Traditionally black turmeric was ground into a paste and taken mixed in warm water, to relieve gastric stress.

How to take turmeric

 Ways to eat turmeric in order to help the body absorb the beneficial compound: curcumin 

1. Add black pepper

Black pepper is high in a compound called piperine

that slows down the absorption of curcumin and therefore increases the absorption of the turmeric which gives you all the health anti-inflammatory benefits.


2. Add a good healthy fat

Turmeric is fat soluble, so if you eat it without a fat binding to the turmeric.  It struggles to make it to your liver and stomach without being absorbed prematurely. 

You can eat it with a heart healthy fat such as avocado, or coconut oil to increase your absorption and get all the anti-inflammatory benefits.


3. Make your own pre-activated turmeric paste

Simmer turmeric with water and a pinch of black pepper

on a stove, add coconut oil over medium low heat, whisk and combine until it forms a paste,  and the coconut is fully melted.  Heat no longer than 15 minutes.  Transfer it into a jar and store it for later use, in turmeric milk, curries, and smoothies. 

How often to have turmeric?

In order to see the benefits over time, it is recommended
to take at least a quarter teaspoon every day
For more information on turmeric:  how to store, how to make turmeric powder at home, and how to detect adulteration of turmeric:
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